We came from nothing

Diamond in the Dirt

Diamond in the Dirt, the punk/grunge band from Hertfordshire announce the release of their highly anticipated debut EP "Hopeless" With influences from "Pulled apart by Horses", "Suicidal Tendencies", "Nirvana","Frank carter" and "CKY" this local punk band is always turning heads.

Formed in Early-2015, a Youth Worker and Gas Engineer 2-piece had plans to expand. Taking on a bassist and lead guitarist over a couple beers, this combo made a big impact selling out their first show in September. Through 2015 and 2016 Diamond in the Dirt have performed at sell out gigs across the home counties and London.

Thrashy guitars and Sunny's unique vocal style are backed up by solid riffs, and high energy. Built for live shows, this passionate, high energy punk band will have you on the floor throwing shapes and punches, bloody, bruised and wanting more.

The Team

Band members


Lead Vocals / Guitar

Sunny takes no prisoners.

Turn up or get out the way.

Aden Maine

Backup Vocals / Bass Guitar

You'll find Aden in the pit.

Get out the way.

Billy Fuller

Drums / Backing Vocals

Watch out for flying bits of kit.

You'll probably find billy in the pit too.

Sam Tidman

Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Riff master.

Conducts the carnage from above.

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