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Reviews & Press

The Peak Punker - Please Don't Spit in my Mouth Review

They cite influences as diverse as IDLES, Dead Kennedy’s, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes I definitely got a sniff of some of that in this offering.

The result Is a powerful guttural, tribal feel but still kinda catchy. This is music which I suspect is best experienced live.

A Large Portion of Yes Please Issue #2

I stuck this in my earphones during my lunch break at work. Immediately I wanted to run out to the car park and start booting wing mirrors off any car above a 55 plate.

Raw, aggressive, mudhole-stomping punk music. It makes you feel empowered, it makes you question authority and stick a finger up to the proverbial man and I love very single bit of it. (Page 61)

Just Some Punk Songs on "Please Don't Spit in my Mouth"

This time around rather than aiming their bile at the political elite, their target seems more personal.

I'm guessing that as well as being obviously talented, this lot are a pretty versatile band that are going to one day put out a cracking album.

The Bandits Recommend… Another five Underground Bangers

There aren’t that many bands at any level where social commentary seems like an essential or genuine part of their make up. Everyone has the one Fuck Trump song, but that doesn’t really count. Not to say bands have to be political, but it’s refreshing when one stands behind a thing and allows it to be part of what they do.

RadioPunk Italy

The boys have chewed a lot of Nirvana and Suicidal Tendencies for sure and it’s loud and clear they play to have fun and raise hell.

Local Distortion Track of the Week

Rock Rage Radio Band of the Day

"To all of my Punk Listeners.. you’re gonna dig this band!

Diamond In the Dirt Location: London, England

Diamond In the Dirt, is a punk/grunge band with high energy. Some of their influences are Nirvana, Reuben, and King Of Leon... Check out their Video “Hopeless” ! If you like what you hear then show them some Punk "

Indie Underground DITD Review

It’s not punk in a classic old school sense, their sound instead had a more hardcore feel to it, similar to early Marmozets or Nirvana, even likeable to early music from bands like Slaves and Pulled Apart By Horses.

The screaming and thrashing rawness of the band was not compromised one bit by a lack of energy either; the band were crazy up on stage.

Wilkestock Festival Press


Expect nothing less from neighbourhood legends Diamond In The Dirt on Sunday evening as they take over Bella's Stage!

Bears Blogs DITD Review

With all the anger and hate we have surrounding us on a daily basis in the lead up to the snap election we thought we would present a band that is angrier than you.

Diamond In The Dirt is a four piece band from London capturing the essence of Punk. Time and time again we have seen this band's name pop up on bills within the Hertfordshire area and thought it’s high time we check these guys out.


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